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Scotland Photos

Hello all. Andrew posted some of his pictures from the trip on Flickr last week. We’re happy to share them with you! Click here for the slideshow.

Also, we are planning a debrief concert like we did for last year’s Romania trip, so stay tuned for details on that.


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June 8th… Back in MN

We landed in Minneapolis just before 4pm this afternoon. A long day of traveling to cap off the trip, but we had a lot of time to reflect and discuss together on the plane… debriefing about the experience and our ministry. We’ll have some highlights and additional photos (and video) to share soon.

We’re so thankful for the Lord’s guidance and protection, and for all of your prayers and support.


Day 8, back to Dundee… then home!

Well, we just arrived at the Claruan House Bed and Breakfast in Edinburgh, where we stayed our first two nights. We fly home tomorrow at 9am, Scotland time.

We woke this morning in Arbroath and finished our time with the Navigators conference, then headed back to Dundee to play an outreach event at St Peter’s church. Pastor David Robertson had us play at a local coffee shop here last Saturday as a promo for tonight’s concert. We had dinner as a team with him and his wife before the gig tonight. What a pleasure it has been to get to know them, and to partner with them in reaching Dundee for Christ.

We’re so thankful for what God as done in us and through us during our time here in Scotland. Please pray as we travel all day tomorrow!

More pictures soon…

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Arbroath, Day 7

Yesterday we woke and drove from Dundee to Arbroath, spending the day with the Navigators Scotland group in their annual conference. Our contact there is a Minnesotan named Mark Batluck who now lives in Scotland, working with the Navigators. Playing at this conference was our initial invitation to Scotland overall, and it was a blessing to be there to encourage them.

Arbroath is a beautiful coastal town, known for their golf courses and salmon fishing.  Below are some photos of the view from the conference center and a group shot with Mark.

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Dundee/Edinburgh, Day 6

We spent the morning on Sunday at St Peter’s Church in Dundee with Pastor David Robertson, except Steve missed out on the morning due to a prolonged disagreement with the previous evening’s dinner.  Ben sat in on drums for the one song the band played in the service, and did a great job.  Below is a photo of Pastor David preaching the Word at St Peter’s…

Later in the afternoon we drove back to Edinburgh (2 hrs) for an evening service at Carrubber’s Christian Center, where we played 2 songs in the service followed by a full concert afterward.  The concert actually functioned as both an outreach to the community (as the church is located on the busy “Royal Mile” shopping strip in Edinburgh), and as a fund-raiser for Carrubber’s youth street evangelism trip to Spain this summer.  We’re pictured below with the team and their matching t-shirts.

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Dundee, Day 5

Yesterday (Saturday) we drove from Glasgow to Dundee, which is the 4th largest city in Scotland (following Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen). Our contact in Dundee, Pastor David Robertson from St Peter’s church, arranged for us to play at his friend’s coffee shop.

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Glasgow, Day 4

On Friday we drove from Nairn to Glasgow, stopping along the way to see the infamous Loch Ness, home of the Loch Ness Monster.

The event that evening was at St George’s Tron church, right in the heart of downtown Glasgow. “Tron” is a Scottish term for weights and measures used in trading, and apparently this church is built near the site of a popular market back in the 1800’s. The church had been running a series on exploring Christianity every Friday night for the past few months, and our concert was part of that effort. There were many people from the community there who were simply interested in an American jazz band, and also interested in how jazz music would intersect with the topic of Christianity. We had a great time and are thankful to have been apart of it.

After the performance we were able to talk with a man named Sayeed from Iran. He approached us to tell his story because Jason has a song named “Sayeed” chronicling the imprisonment of a prominent Iranian evangelist bearing the name. Apparently “Sayeed” is a somewhat common name in Iran, as the man pictured below has the same name and the same story… having been deported from Iran for preaching Christ. He has been living in Scotland for a few months and is trying to get his family out of Iran also. (I might have the exact details of his story a little off, but pray for him regardless!)

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