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Bad Muskau and Wroclaw

The past two days have had some jam-schedules and spotty internet connections, so no new blog posts until now. We’ve done events in Bad Muskau, Germany (just across the border from Poland) and in the Polish city of Wroclaw. The team is very tired but in high spirits.

Elizabeth Hunnicutt, one of the artists travelling in our group, has been posting her thoughts and experiences on her own webpage. Check it out to see what’s been happening these past two days…


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Zary Square

Pictured above is hip hop artist Zae Da Blacksmith, and the photo is a good summary shot of our day today. All seven bands that are on the tour played as part of a city-wide festival happening in the middle of the town square. The building along the left of the photo is Zary City Hall, the building pictured in yesterday’s post. Zary-ans came and went throughout the day’s performances, sometimes filling the entire street. Those on the team who weren’t performing had many conversations and built many relationships.

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We’re Here!

(The Jason Harms Quintet, pictured above from left: Tyler Anderson, Jesse Harms, Jason and Andrew French, Steve Goold, Jason Harms)

The team, all 43 of us, arrived in Berlin at 11am on Thursday morning. We spent some time in Berlin eating lunch and adjusting to the time zone (read: forcing ourselves to stay awake all day) while all the different flights carrying different team members landed at the Berlin airport. By 5pm we were all together and on our bus heading for Poland. We are here now in Zary getting ready for some much-needed sleep.

Zary is the town where Count Richard Von Promintz (Aka Dick Dietrich, former youth pastor of Crystal Free Church in New Hope, MN) first discovered the ancestry and royal lineage of his wife’s family name. Pictured below is the city hall of Zary, where the Count made this discovery.

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