Scotland 2011

Friends… we’re thrilled to have another opportunity for preaching Christ in Europe! The quintet will be heading to Scotland May 30 – June 7, accompanied by a handful of great guys who will aid us in our efforts.  Here’s the roster…

Jason Harms – voice/guitar
Ben Noble – alto sax
Jason French – piano
Jesse Harms – bass
Steve Goold – drums
Andrew Laparra – film/photo
Tristan Carnahan – film/photo
Casey Harms (Jason/Jesse’s younger brother) – Olson soundscape recording gear
Steve Harms (Jason/Jesse/Casey’s father) – driver

We’re excited for the trip, and the sense of urgency in preparation is setting in as we realize our departure is only a month away!  Here are some words from Jason regarding our opportunities in Scotland…

Neil MacMillan, a worker with the Acts 29 church planting network, reports this about the state of the church in Scotland: “Fifty years ago, 40% of Scottish people attended church every week. Today in Edinburgh, our capital city, less than 2% do so.  The Reformation in Scotland was an astonishing work of evangelism. Today Scotland waits to be re-evangelized.  It is said that planting 7000 churches in Scotland would simply take us back to the same number of churches we had 20 years ago.” (

We have several opportunities to come alongside the local church and serve them in serving their people the Gospel of Jesus Christ. One of our contacts invites us with this, “I have some responsibility for a redevelopment church in Nairn… It is a small town, but is the location for a reasonably well-known jazz festival. We have been looking at outreach events which would engage with the surrounding culture.”

Would you like to partner in the Gospel with us by sending us to Scotland? Would you also forward this information along to others that you think would want to know about it?  The trip expense for each person is somewhat higher than our last year’s trip to Romania because of the financial landscape in the US vs the UK, so we are trusting the Lord for this provision and seeking out those who He is prompting to join us in this way.

Your tax-deductible contribution can be received one of two ways:

I. ONLINE: visit and you will find a DONATE button near the SCOTLAND information. (When making a contribution here, on the final “review your contribution” screen, you will be given the opportunity to enter the name of the person your donation is intended for).

II. BY CHECK: Your check can be made payable to Bethlehem Baptist Church and mailed to:
Bethlehem Baptist Church
720 13th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55415
ATTN: MISSIONS – Jason Harms Quintet – Scotland

Lastly, we want to share with you a preview of Curt Olson’s audio recordings from last year’s trip to Romania.  Curt is heavily involved in the world of ambient “soundscape” recording, an art form that attempts to transport a listener from one environment to another by capturing/replicating sounds with as much clarity and precision as possible.  A full presentation of Curt’s work will be released shortly, but in the meantime please enjoy this short audio snapshot of our journey to Romania, recorded during our time at a church in Targu Ocna.

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