Romania ’10… video recap

Greetings all! The video footage is finally edited.  Whew.  Some of these clips were posted earlier on the blog, but most of them are new.  Settle in and enjoy a recap of the trip!

Day 1
After 23 hours of travel we arrived in the city of Comanesti and hit the ground running for our first day of ministry.  We played a short concert at an orphanage/group-home that Victory Baptist runs, and then made our way over to a Gypsy church in Tiurgu Ocna…

Day 2
We spent the first half of the day preparing for Sunday’s service at Victory Baptist Church.  VBC is where we stayed during our time in Comanesti, pastored by Larry’s friend Adrian.  Pastor Adrian did all of our translating while we were in Comanesti.  We also ate all of our meals at VBC, graciously served and prepared by a handful of women from the church.  After some time at the church we headed to the city’s main park to play an outdoor event, and then headed back to the church for some rehearsal and dinner…

Day 3
We began the day with the morning service at VBC, and ended the day with a multi-congragation gathering at a church in the city of Oinesti, about 35 km from Comanesti.

Day 4
We spent the morning on a tour of a giant salt mine outside Comanesti, which was a pretty cool experience.  Then we drove 2 hours to the nearby city of Bacau and met our new friend Julian, who lives in the Bacau Gypsy community and pastors a church there.  He took us to a small Gypsy village we were able to not only play but spend some time with the people.  Julian preached a very direct gospel message…

Day 5
The VBC youth group took us on a morning/afternoon hike into the Comanesti mountains, led by his son Stefi (playing guitar in the video).  Then we again made the 2-hour drive to Bacau, this time to play at Julian’s church (Julian is the one leading the congregational worship and playing violin).  This video is longer than the others because it includes a full performance of Jason’s song, “Jesus Priceless Treasure”…

Day 6
We enjoyed a final meal with Adrian and Stefi (lunch at a Romanian pizza parlor), then drove 4 hours to the Eastern city of Iasi.  There we met Larry’s friend Florin, who had been a Pastor in Iasi for many years (he’s translating in the video).  Florin set up a feature concert for us at a very cool theater in the older “arts district” of the city…

Day 7
We had some free time in the morning and were able to learn some of the interesting history of Iasi, as well as see some of the historical sites.  We enjoyed lunch with Florin and his family at a Texas-themed restaurant and then drove about an hour out of town to another small Gyspy village…

Day 8
We awoke, said goodbye to Florin, and hit the road for a 7-hour drive to the city of Valen where Larry’s friend Victor pastors a church.  We enjoyed a late lunch at Victor’s home and then headed to his church for the concert…

Day 9
We met up with Larry’s friend Cristi in Bucharest and visited two Gypsy villages with him (he’s doing the translating in the first video).  We ministered in the villages alongside a youth group from a local church led by one Cristi’s friends named Moses…

Day 10
We finished out the tour playing two church services in Bucharest, one in the morning at Pastor Moses’ church (where we apparently forgot to capture any footage) and one in the evening at “Biserica Crestina Baptista.”  We all enjoyed the mandolin choir…

We’re thankful to God for his blessing on us as we ministered in Romania, and for all of your prayers and support.  All glory and honor to him!

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