Meet the team

This year we have four additional guys joining the band’s regular lineup of the Harms brothers, Jason French, and Steve Goold…

Tracy Patterson – Tracy is one of Jason French’s long time friends from Oklahoma.  Tracy plays alto saxophone, and we played a gig with him at LeTourneau University in Texas a few years ago.  He’s a great guy with a heart for God’s glory.

Marty McAlpine – Marty is a photographer who has worked with Desiring God Ministries for a few years.  He’s chronicling our trip in photos and he’s doing a killer job.  Marty has fairly extensive travel experience and it’s good to have him around.

Larry Agnew – Larry also works for Desiring God, and he’s led many many trips to Romania in the past.  All of our Romanian contacts are close personal friend’s of his.  He’s our trip leader, and we are so thankful for his heart and his experience.

Curt Olson – Curt is the sound technician at Bethlehem Baptist’s North Campus in the Twin Cities.  He’s helping us with audio at the gigs, and he also brought some stereo recording equipment and he’s capturing some great recordings of our time here.

  1. #1 by Christian Brodersen on August 15, 2010 - 12:51 pm

    Hey Jason and Tracy, glad to see u guys doing something great being fishers of men and doing what u love! I’ll keep up the prayers!
    Hopefully one day our paths will cross!

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