Found out that the video links from yesterday’s post weren’t working for everyone.  So I guess we’ll just go link style on the videos.  Click here for the travel day footage, and here for a video of the gypsy church service.

And, as promised, here’s some of Marty’s work from the gig at the group home a couple days ago…

This next shot is of Julian, a gypsy pastor from a town we’ll be heading to on Tuesday called Bacau.  He’s been sitting in with us at some of the gigs.

This last shot is from last night’s gig in the park.  It turns out that the “city-wide gathering” takes place city-wide, so our audience was pretty liquid.  Pastor Adrian and a team from his church were there having conversations with the crowd while we played, and Pastor Adrian translated for Jason as he introduced and explained some of our songs.

  1. #1 by Steve Goold on August 16, 2010 - 4:09 am

    Really appreciate the opportunity to see what the Lord is up to, guys. Very inspiring to see the Believers gathered in Jesus’ Name there in Romania. Pam and I are praying several times daily for all of you. Best part is often what God does in us when we seek to serve others in His Name.–Dad

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