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Back in MN

Well, we all arrived home yesterday afternoon… almost. The team landed in MN around 1pm but unfortunately without our leader Jason! The short of it is that the Bucharest airport wasn’t totally prepared for checking baggage as big as the huge case that Jesse’s bass travels in. Jason needed to stay behind in order to deal with those logistical issues, so he caught a flight to Paris later in the day yesterday and is en route to MSP right now.  He should be arriving at 2pm today.  So, we are both praising God for a safe return for the team and also continuing to pray for Jason!

We’ll spend the next few weeks recuperating and reflecting on what the Lord did in us and through us during the time in Romania, so check back for testimonies and photo/video documentation.

Also, we’ve tentatively planned a concert and testimony time in the coming weeks. It has yet to be officially scheduled, so check back for that information.

Thanks again for all your prayers and support!


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Heading home!

Praise God… we’ve reached the finish line on our journey.

It’s midnight here as we head to bed after our final day of ministry in Romania.  We played at two churches today and Jason French preached the Word at both services.

God has been so good to us.

There hasn’t been very many opportunities for photo/video editing, so look for that in the coming days, God willing.  However, we’ll leave you with a shot Marty took as the sun set on a Gypsy village we played at last night.

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Bucharest Gypsies

We spent time today in two different Gypsy villages outside Bucharest. We met up with Larry’s longtime friend Christi, a pastor in Bucharest, and he brought with him a Gypsy pastor named Moses and a translator named Cornell. Both villages were very impoverished but the people were so happy to greet us and hear our music. We partnered with a youth Choir from Moses’ church at both events.

Please pray for our last two events tomorrow. We’ll be at a church in the morning and another Gypsy village at night, and then it’s time to head home!

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Back in Bucharest…

Long day today. We’re here at the hotel in Bucharest after an 8-hour drive from Iasi to Valen, a concert there at a church pastored by Larry’s dear friend Victor, then another 2-hour drive to Bucharest.

Please pray for us as we finish out the trip with 4 gigs here in Bucharest over the next two days!

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Heading back to Bucharest

We played again tonight in Iasi, but this time a little ways out of town at another gypsy village.  The event was hosted by a small group of believers in the village and took place outside a shack/tent they use for a church.  Pastor Florin translated for Jason while we played, then David France gave a message for the children and Jason French preached a sermon on Acts 17.  We also had a lot of time to interact with the people as there were plenty of interpreters with us.

We’ve spent time in three different gypsy communities so far and each one has been a blessing.  No one has sorted through the photos or footage yet, but here’s a short clip from Monday night’s event in a village just outside the city of Bacau (where Julian is from)…

Please pray for us as we journey 9+ hours tomorrow in the van back to Bucharest in time to play a concert in the evening.  It’ll be a long day.



We made the journey today from Comanesti to Iasi, a city in the northeast part of the country. We said our goodbyes to our now dear friends Julian and Adrian and traveled 4 hours to meet new friends Florin and Leonard in time for our performance here in Iasi. We played at an old theater in the arts district of the city and the evening went really well.

We’ll be staying in a hotel while in Iasi, so hopefully the internet access here will give us time to upload videos and pictures from the past few days, but for now here is some footage of the church service at Victory Baptist last Sunday.  It truly was a blessing to meet Pastor Adrian (seen leading worship and translating in the video) and partner with him in spreading the gospel in his community in Comanesti.

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We haven’t had much time for internet lately, but the good side to that has been our busy schedule with ministry stuff. Saturday’s gig in the city park was great, and we led two church services on Sunday, with the morning one being Victory Baptist (Pastor Adrian’s home church and our host church for the trip).

Last night we were able to spend some more time in a gypsy community.  We played a concert, Julian (the main missionary to the gypsies whose also playing violin with us some) gave a sermon, and we had plenty of time to interact with the people.  We are praying that our time there was effective, and that the Lord will use the time we have in a different gypsy community tonight.

The photo above was taken yesterday on the porch of Victory Baptist.  Pastor Adrian is on the front row far left, and second from the right in the same row is our friend David France who just flew in and joined the team from some work he was doing in England.  He also plays violin and is an incredible guy to have a conversation with!

A prayer request update: Jason Harm’s older daughter has been sick with the chicken pox for a few weeks now and it is getting serious.  We are rejoicing because the seriousness is less now than it was a couple days ago, but please join us in praying for her full health.  In that theme we’d also really appreciate prayer for all our families back home while we are away from them.